Kidney Support Formula

Sometimes ideas from the distant past are so brilliant that they are almost futuristic! Fearless™ combines an ancient healing formulation from the time of the Essenes, with the high-tech healing technology we call Quantum Infusion™. The simple but effective herbal formula is designed to bring balance and strength to the kidneys, as well as giving energetic support for releasing negative fearful emotions which are connected to the kidneys through the bodyʼs meridians.

Oftentimes low back pain is actually stressed kidneys in need of balancing. Eating refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, synthetic preservatives, GMOʼs and other “non-foods” (not to mention other environmental toxins) can, over time weaken vital bodily systems causing negative physical results. On an emotional level, habits of fearful or negative thoughts create an “energetic magnet” that holds toxins in the body, adding stress to our physical system. The body is designed to heal itself when it has the right support. Because of the addition of Quantum infusion, the support that Fearless™ provides operates on multiple levels.

What we've inculded

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root also has a long history of use ranging from liver, spleen and gall bladder balance to skin issues. It contains important antioxidants which protect against cellular damage. Additionally, it has important phytonutrients and essential fatty acids (EFA's) which help to balance the body, while its potent oils and bitter resins have been used for centuries to assist the body to detox. Indirectly, these components also assist the gastrointestinal tract to keep in balance. Finally, dandelion root may also be beneficial to aid in memory

Marshmallow Root

Likewise, Marshmallow Root is an herb that has a rich history and covers such areas as mucous membranes, inflammation of tissues, urinary tract and respiratory system to name a few. With its mucilage and pectin content, Marshmallow root can improve digestion, and because of its ability to speed the removal of various toxins, has been used for a long time to assist the kidneys to function optimally. Many studies show promising results using this herb to help regulate blood sugar, and it has also been used to normalize gut function, assisting many gut conditions to come into balance. Additionally, its anti viral and antibacterial properties go a long way to support the immune system of the gut, which is where over half of the immune system resides.

Oat straw

Oat Straw has been used individually for a very long time in natural medicine for areas of healing as diverse as bone, blood, nervous system, digestive system, muscles, and detox, cognitive enhancement and sexual stamina. Oat Straw is rich in minerals which aid the body's ability to repair bones such as chelated (bio-available) calcium. Several studies show a positive effect on the nervous system and with sleep disorders, and there is much anecdotal evidence suggesting improvements in sexual stamina. The German equivalent of the FDA lists Oat Straw as having possible benefits for relieving anxiety.

Quantum Infusion

New Phoenix Rising uses a proprietary process called Quantum Infusion™ which enhances the effects of our products by introducing naturally occurring life force energy patterns into potent natural nutrients, optimizing the subtle energy fields of the body. No functional claims are made for this process. We invite you to experience the results yourself! Quantum Infusion is the result of over 40 years of research by a team of quantum physicists who are also trained in traditional Chinese medicine and herbalism, among other disciplines. It is an energetic treatment added to our Fearless product, not an ingredient in the traditional sense. It adds a level of therapeutic power to the product which increases its purpose and potency to aid in the process of healing. Quantum Infusion can be likened to a more potent form of Acupuncture.


Kidney Functions
Our kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body and have many functions. They process about 200 quarts of blood daily, taking out close to 2 quarts of waste products and water. This comes from normal breakdown of tissue in the body as well as from our food. They also release a hormone which stimulates the bone marrow to make red blood cells, keeping our tissue oxygen levels optimized, and regulate blood pressure by keeping the sodium, potassium and calcium balance intact. They transform Vitamin D into the active form, helping to maintain strong bones and to regulate our immune response. Kidneys also control our water metabolism, which plays a role in moistening the lungs. Kidneys are also connected to the ears through the meridian system of the body. They even look a little like ears!
Symbolism of the Kidneys
Kidneys are sometimes known as the Minister of Power, because they assist in grounding energies which play a role in our vitality and strength. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys are related to ancestors and ancestral energy. Kidney dysfunction relates to the emotion of fear or bottled up anger that hasn’t been dealt with. At times, ones hold onto their anger to feel powerful. If you are healing childhood issues, kidney health could be a factor. Kidneys can also crystalize the criticism, disappointment and failures that we all experience in our lives. They might also indicate an unwillingness or inability to hear truth or discern the difference between truth or shame, which in turn impairs the blood flow to the kidneys. Out of balance kidneys are intimately related to fear, low self esteem, insecurities, isolation, indifference or apathy. The weakness of this organ can be most easily manifested by individuals that are controlled by their fears, which can damage their motivation and their will; slowing their thought process, and generating the tendency to get stuck in various life challenges. Since the kidneys are so associated with everything in the body related to liquids, if they are out of balance, it might indicate a lack of balance in the emotional body.
Signs of Imbalance
On a physical level, some symptoms of out of balance kidneys may be indistinct and might be mistaken for something else. One of the common ways to know they are out of balance can be soreness (especially in the lower back) that may mimic a lower back pain & lead us to believe it is spinal or muscular in nature. Some other symptoms might be a cold sensation in the knees and lumbar regions, aversion to cold in general, cold limbs, insomnia, difficulty in urination, incontinence, declining libido and possibly holding onto fluids, showing up as a little swelling in the body, or darkened skin, muscle cramps, shortness of breath, asthma, fatigue, or a chronic dry cough if the kidneys have been out of balance for some time. If symptoms are due to weak bone marrow function, there may be hair loss, dental issues, or hearing difficulties.
These Can Lead to Kidney Damage
Diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and many auto immune & infection related conditions can lead to kidney damage. Exposure to (low or high levels) radiation (Fukushima), trauma and genetic conditions can play a role in kidney disfunction.
Helpful Hints
In addition to consuming Fearless, here are some other ways of working with the kidneys: Gentle tapping on the lower part of the back, which helps to stimulate the kidneys into action. This may break up small crystals that have formed in the kidneys so they can be processed on through the body. Looking at the body using the Chakra system, the kidneys are near the root chakra. To stimulate the root chakra wear red, or use a red light on the base of the spine to stimulate the movement of energy, and with a trusted friend, apply upward massage strokes on the spine to stimulate the flow of energy. When our kidneys don’t function properly, we feel less motivated to get exercise and movement. Gentle exercise can also be helpful.

Quantum Frequencies

Quantum Frequencies Infused in Fearless

·       Kidney Support

·       Liver Support 

·       Detox Support

·       Assistance in releasing emotional trauma


This formulation incorporates high quality organic non-GMO sourced herbs of Oat Straw, Dandelion Root and Marshmallow Root. At New Phoenix Rising, it is always our focus and intention to bring forward high quality products using the most natural and pure ingredients. You will find that we do not add any extra fillers to our products and that all ingredients in our formulations have an important purpose to assist ones on their journey of improved health and healing. 

Fearless Dosage & How To Take It

Fearless is in the form of what most would label as a loose leaf tea. You may take this formulation 1, 2, or 3 times per day. As with all herbal formulations it is recommended that you skip one day per week, if you are taking it every day. Follow the steps below on how to prepare this product.


If you would rather a cold tea, let tea bag sit in hot water for 10 minutes and then add ice. You can also cool it by placing the tea in the fridge. 


The formulation for Fearless was given to us by a Spiritual teacher that goes by the name of Jonah. Below you will find specific teachings from Jonah that provide further information in regards to both fear and the kidneys. 

General Information on healing the Kidneys; 

Before a particular attitude, energy, thought, or emotion can be fully healed, its “seat”, or “home”, in each of us must be cleansed. All the organs and glands in the body are seats or home to different mental and emotional states. The energy of fear that all are quite familiar with in this culture, finds its home or seat,  in the kidneys. Therefore, one may work for years meditating, visualizing, utilizing positive thinking, some may even go to a training on releasing fear and yet they find the fear remains, and continues to interfere with their choices in life. Ones may work at cleansing that energy of fear, only for it to be recirculated into the kidneys and they are again back where they  began with the fear.

Source: Jonah – Ancient mystery schools, part 2 (September, 1999)

Kidney problems, and what it represents

Kidney problems indicate an abundance of emotion that is kept secret or blocked, causing the etheric kidneys  to contract. Instead of filtering toxins, the kidneys  hold onto them and this damages the body. It is like taking poison and the poison from the denial of emotions, is quite gradual. To heal, search what prevents you from being expressive. Is it: Fear of loss? Fear of acceptance? Fear that anger will arise? If it is the latter, where does the anger and rage come from? Where did you get the idea you must hold onto anger and rage? ~ Source: Jonah – The Joy of Self Healing (1989)