You were born to follow the pathway of your heart while you embody your passion for living as a result of fulfilling your ever-evolving dream.​​

- founder, lance Leonard

A Radical Shift

When all else fails, we return to the basics, back to the expression of our true authentic selves. By returning to the simplicity of love we begin to understand how powerful love actually is. Love has the power to change others, and when we love someone else, we experience how that love changes ourself. 


You have the inner authority to create whatever your heart desires. The basic principle of this opportunity is what we call Radiance Marketing. Those who choose to distribute our products by sharing them with others will in turn personally benefit from doing so. This can grow to become a time-freeing residual income stream. 


Are you ready to balance your time and freedom?

Can you image the freedom to passionately embody your dreams? This is the right place for you. You have the inner authority to create what ever your heart desires. The basic principle of our opportunity revolves around what we call Radiance Marketing. Those who do choose to distribute our products by sharing them with others will in turn personally benefit from doing so. This can grow to become a time freeing side-hustle.

Let go of stress and build your business with freedom.

New Phoenix Rising harnesses the power of people making a difference to create a community that supports personal freedom and soul purpose. You will be equipped with everything you could ever need to grow with us. Plus, you’ll be connected to a community of like-minded folks who are embarking on the same journey as you.

You're here because you know you're part of the solution.

You know that your life can be reflected on your highest values while making a positive contribution to your communities, and planet. 

Not only that, you’re excited to empower others with life-changing products that are here to help them in many different ways. 


Join a team that works towards the evolution of humanity.

We are unique in the sense that our vision has its roots in our principal desire to lead with an example of how new forms can be created so that there still can be the exchange of products and information but through a vehicle that shines a light on what it means to live through the integrity of the heart. Meanwhile, we can begin offering service towards the evolution of humanity’s well-being first and foremost.


Beginner Pack

Advanced Pack

Pro Pack

You are someone who truly loves and believes in BioLumina.

You share it with your friends, take it daily, and love the benefits.

You’re excited to turn more people into better health and know you can get 3 people to sign up.

You are someone who already has 3+ friends ordering, or you’re ready to jump in and purchase the enrollment pack.

You are someone who wants to turn this small side hustle into a real hustle that gives you more freedom than any other job.

You can dedicate time and effort to training those who buy from you how to become a beginner distributor.

You are someone who already is ready to dedicate time and energy fully into your distributorship journey.

You are ready to be dedicated and committed to your growing your team.

You can handle all aspects of your business and are ecstatic to continue to grow with your teams.

What Our Distributors Are Saying

Being a distributor positively affected my financial freedom because when I paid for spirulina with my earnings from the business, I was free to spend my money on other things like travel & experiences 🙂
David W
New Phoenix Rising has positively affected my financial freedom by showing that there is a feasible alternative for my current position where I simply trade my time for money.The goal is that my business grows steadily over time with "part time" input and that at a certain point I am able to switch the roles to free up the bulk of my time.My family comes first and the children are still young so having more time with them and my wife would be ideal.
Evan Vossler
Considering the small amount that I invested in New Phoenix Rising, My ROI was incredible, and it just keeps growing. I feel good about offering a product that is truly beneficial for my body, that my friends and customers will want to take for the rest of their lives; I know that I would not be without BioLumina whether I was in the business or not. It has change my life!
Avelino Lopez