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- BioLumina Spirulina Brain Function, Mood & Depression -

Preliminary Report

If you cope with any sort of mood challenge such as depression, from mild to serious, dopamine imbalance is likely a factor. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in brain functions (as well as acting in the peripheral nervous system to support healthy immunity, digestion and excretion). “A localized deficiency in dopamine is believed to cause problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, unipolar depression and even persistent anxiety. On the other hand, an excess of dopamine can lead to severe mood disturbances such as bipolar disorder.”(3)

Bio-hackers are proving the Uridine Stack can assist.(Bio-hackers are the brave individuals exploring the new frontier of precise molecular nutritional potentials in addressing optimal function. A Stack is a grouping of nutrients that enhance one another’s performance.) 

Uridine is a naturally occurring nutrient. “There are rich food sources of Uridine and these food sources include beer, porcine and bovine liver, fish, mushrooms, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, parsley, oats, and baker’s yeast…. While Uridine may be present in rich quantities in common food sources, a study conducted in 1981 showed that the Uridine from most of these food sources has very poor bioavailability. ”(1) Uridine, in its bioavailable form, crosses the blood-brain barrier. “Uridine is a precurser to CDP Choline. This is a form of the nutrient Choline that is able to cross the blood brain barrier, and once it does, it is used to make vital neurochemicals.”(2)

The Uridine Stack consists of this group of nutrients: Uridine, DHA, Choline, Complete B Vitamins. The Bio-hackers, not knowing about our wonderful BioLumina, are obliged to bring together these nutrients from different sources. Here is our advantage: Every nutrient in the Uridine Stack is found in bio-available form in BioLumina Spirulina, the only known food to bring all these elements together in one form – just as Mother Nature made them.(4) Further, spirulina is the only known vegan source of DHA, EPA and Vitamin B12.

So, what benefits might we expect by including the bioavailable Uridine Stack in BioLumina in our diets?

- improvement in mood disorders, such as depression
- improvement in memory function
- treating anemia
- increase in general motivation
- reducing anxiety
- a sense of meeting one’s potential
- improved capacity to learn and retain information


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-Author of article, Linda Masterson 





We are multi-octave beings. We all experience this directly through our thoughts, our emotions, our actions -- our consciousness. Each of these realms is a frequency band. Together they make up a continuum, what we might think of as a "rainbow" of awareness. The more aligned these layers of consciousness are the more Life Vitality we display: health, happiness, love and participation.

In traditional nutrition, we look at the more substantial molecules: fats, carbs and proteins. To support the entire human system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), we need to consider more subtle nutrients: phytonutrients.

Phytonutrients are pigments created by plants. Examples would be chlorophyll (green), beta-carotene (orange), phycocyanin (royal blue). xeazanthin (red). The phytonutrients in our diets account for our biophotonic well-being.

Biophotons are packets of light created and emanated by living systems. The more vital the organism, the more biophotonic activity. Organisms acquire biophotons in two ways: through their own metabolic processes and from the environment through digestion.

This brings us to BIOLUMINA SPIRULINA: BioLumina Spirulina is the world's most concentrated and broad-spectrum source of phytonutrients. NASA scientists state that a pound of ordinary-quality spirulina provides the nutritional equivalent of 1000 (one thousand) pounds of mixed fruits and vegetables. BioLumina is an exceptional spirulina: raw, better-than-organic, 20% phyco and quantum infused with subtle-energy signatures of well-being. Being the richest source of phytonutrients means that BioLumina is a most concentrated source of biophotons.

Health is all about Light.
That's why we call it Bio (life) Lumina (light).
Join us in upping your own radiance!



-Author of article, Linda Masterson